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N.1 Charcoal Exporter from Thailand

100% Legally harvested, Manufactured, and Exported.


We are charcoal suppliers, charcoal manufacturers, and exporters. We provide our customers with a broad range of natural charcoal products – Hardwood charcoal and Softwood Charcoal for BBQ and Grilling, Briquettes Charcoal, Shisha Charcoal, Charcoal fines and charcoal powder for industrial applications.

  • Hardwood Charcoal, Softwood Charcoal for BBQ and Heating.
  • BBQ Charcoal, Retail and Wholesale Packing Available
  • Charcoal Powder and Fines for Industrial Application
  • 100 % Natural Lump-wood Charcoal 

Charcoal Export Standards

Charcoal Graded per Size, Shape and Weight.

A – Grades Round / Stick  Shape A1, A2, A3 and A4 Grades.

A-grades are mainly exported to Arab Countries, followed by Korea and Australia, packed in wholesale bags with 10kg, 15kg, and 20kg.  Primary customers are restaurants and hotels. Charcoal without Spark, Smoke, off odors.

B – Grades / Lump Wood Charcoal B1, B2, B3, B4 and B5 Grades.

Charcoal B-grades for Barbecues hugely exported to several countries including Japan, USA, UAE, GCC, Israel, and Greece. Charcoal B-grades in wholesale, retail Bags or Carton Boxes. Bulk shipment available.

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Charcoal Company | Who we are?

Matsuri International Co., Ltd, since 2003. Charcoal Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Exporters.  We are a Thai – Japanese company based in Bangkok, Thailand and Aichi-Ken, Japan.

Charcoal manufactured under the strict supervision and guidance of our experts. We offer softwood charcoal for heating and industry applications to the very best hardwood charcoal for barbecue and grilling.

100% Natural Charcoal, legally harvested and exported.

Hardwood Charcoal for BBQ and Industry

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