Traditionally Made Hardwood Charcoal for BBQ and Grilling
Hardwood charcoal is our best-selling product. In terms of quality, charcoal made of hardwood is always a great choice, as it offers much better quality than other options. Using hardwood charcoal gives you unique advantages: the food has better flavors, there’s less ash produced and it is ignited really fast.

Made from invasive trees such as Acacia Farnesiana or Acacia Mangium, and seasonal fruit trees like mango, tamarind, lemon and rubber trees, it’s the perfect solution for grilling or BBQ.

Due to its high-end qualities, we export our hardwood charcoal to several countries, for both barbecue and industrial applications. And especially because food tastes better with it.


Traditionally made hardwood charcoal for BBQ and Grilling.
Hardwood Charcoal is our most popular charcoal grade. Made from invasive trees such as Acacia Farnesiana, Acacia Mangium, and seasonal fruit trees like mango, tamarind, lemon and rubber trees. Exported to several countries, both for barbecue and industrial application.

Supermarket Grade Charcoal

We are manufactures and exporters of Supermarket Grade Hardwood Charcoal. The charcoal sold mostly in supermarkets, grocery stores and DIY outlets is the most economic and easier to use charcoal – ideal for outdoor-weekend barbecues.

Charcoal Customized Packing

Count on us if you need customized packaging for your Hardwood Charcoal. Just send us your packaging, along with your wholesale or retail packaging options, and we’ll take care of everything so you receive your product under your brand at your warehouse.

Charcoal with Export Standards

The raw materials of our Hardwood Charcoal is legally harvested, manufactured and exported. We are supplying the very best hardwood charcoal for BBQ and grilling with the highest standards. Our main export markets are Japan, South Korea, USA, Australia and gulf countries.

Hardwood Charcoal Mixed Grades

Lump Cut Hardwood Charcoal, Mixed Chunk Sizes


Hardwood Charcoal has unique qualities, it is the most economic charcoal grade we supply, ideal for family weekend barbecues everywhere, giving that unique smoky flavor to your meal. Our Hardwood Charcoal ignites faster, with lower ash and smoke content:


·100% natural charcoal. No chemicals or additives added.
·Creates less ash than other options.
·Thanks to the small ash content is very easy to clean after using the Hardwood Charcoal.
·It has very low moisture content. Thanks to that, it’s very easy to ignite.
·Burns hotter, so you can use less charcoal for cooking the same amount of food.
·After using it, the lumps not consumed could be reused.
·Much better taste in food, with a nice smoky flavor on your dishes.
·The lump sizes go from 5cm to 12cm, no powder.


Customized Export Packaging Available:

PP Bags – The Cheapest Option

The cheapest way to send our Hardwood Charcoal is in large PP bags, and it’s a great option for wholesalers and distributors.

·Cheapest Export Package Option.
·Sizes from 5kg to 20kg.
·Print your logo and artwork.
·Loading Capacity per 40FT Container: 26tons.
·Can be loaded into containers without pallets.
If you want to directly print or stamp your logo into our PP bags for whole-selling or distribution, this is the cheapest and most convenient option to purchase our Hardwood Charcoal.

Hardwood Charcoal in Carton Boxes

Some countries prefer to receive our Hardwood Charcoal in carton boxes, ready to distribute into supermarkets or retail stores. Markets as Japan or South Korea prefer this packaging option.

·Premium look that makes the product more attractive.
·High quality printing available with full colors palette.
·No leakage in the packaging.
·Loading Capacity per 40ft Container: 20-22 tons.
·Containers should be loaded using pallets.

Trust us for your retail needs in a high-end look with our Hardwood Charcoal.

Hardwood Charcoal in Kraft Bags

The most eco-friendly and reusable option for packaging Hardwood Charcoal is kraft bags.

·Sizes per bag ranges from 2kg to 15kg.
·High quality printing available in full colors.
·No leakage.
·Loading Capacity per 40ft Container: 18-22tons.
·Containers should be loaded using pallets.

The kraft bags gives you the option of a good packaging for Hardwood Charcoal respecting the environment.

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