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“Charcoal Thailand – manufacturing and supply in Thailand dates back to ancient times and there has been many company manufacturing and supplying charcoal in Thailand. The question is where can you get a charcoal manufacturer and supplier with local knowledge and the experience in supplying long lasting charcoal with no spark and no smokes?” – Charcoal Thailand is a perfect place for all your charcoal needs. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Natural Charcoal to our esteemed clients. These products are manufactured using high-grade material under the strict supervision and guidance of our experts. The products manufactured by us have their applicability in areas like hotels and industries. These products have high fixed carbon and low ash content in them. We offer softwood for heating and industry applications to the very best hardwood charcoal for barbecue and grilling.


shisha charcoal thailand

shisha charcoal from mangrove wood


We believe in building our local community therefore we only use local independent charcoal producers. We purchase the “raw” charcoal directly from the farmers at a competitive rate. Once at our factory we begin with our thorough sifting and sorting process to ensure only the best quality charcoal reaches our esteemed clients.

In order to ensure our business does not have a negative impact on our beautiful surroundings and valued environment we ensure our carefully selected suppliers use the standards prescribed and approved methods for removing “invader bush” and carbonising of lump wood charcoal.

charcoal Thailand exporter

Charcoal Manufacturer and Exporter – Charcoal Thailand


We lay strong emphasis on maintaining high quality standards in our products as well as processes. With our persistent efforts & commitment, we have been able to develop amicable relation with our large number of customers, partners and suppliers.

What’s more?

We offers a range of quality charcoal products that is unmatched in Thailand and that is evident in every supplies we’ve made. The lengthy list of enclosed references from our happy clients for over years is a testament to that fact.  We are certain that you, too, will be pleased.

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