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Hookah Bars Regulations

Hookah Bar Regulations We are trying to track down information on how various state and local jurisdictions regulate hookah (water pipe, shisha) bars and lounges – in regards to smokefree laws or more generally in the context of other municipal rules/codes. While some...

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Somalian Charcoal Exports Linked to Al-Qaeda

U.N. authorizes ship inspections near Somalia for illegal charcoal exports and arms The United Nations Security Council authorized the inspection of boats suspected of carrying illegal shipments of charcoal or weapons to and from Somalia on Friday, though Russia and...

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Top 10 Hookah Lounges From All Over the World The hookah is one of the Middle East’s best gifts to the world. It was invented so that people could share shisha (flavored tobacco). This tradition is more than centuries old and its popularity has reached other parts of...

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Grill Masters USA x Australia

Iron Chef great battle, Grill Masters USA vs Australia Team USA (Iron Chefs Bobby Flay, Marc Forgione and Alex Guarnaschelli) battles Team Australia (Chefs Adrian Richardson, Darren Robertson and Tobie Puttock) in a Grill Masters competition. The judges are Donatella...

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Top 10 most expensive Steaks

Wagyu, why so seriously expensive? It’s the time of year when mouth-watering smells from smoking barbecues filter in through open windows. As the sun sets, summer tunes drifts out from front yards, and boats pull up to the docks while the grill heats up for dinner....

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Worst BBQ Mistakes

Top 5 BBQ Mistakes Grilling isn't as simple as crank heat, cook meat. With an attention to detail and a few vital steps you can transform mediocre meals into amazing eating experiences. Follow the lead of Adam Perry Lang, MH BBQ guru, and upgrade your grill skills....

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