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Coronavirus effect on GLOBAL trade

Coronavirus effect on Global Trade. The three Asian countries contribute around 24 percent of the entire world economy but have been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak China was attempting to boost trade and investment with Japan and South Korea to offset risks of...

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CoronaVirus will Impact your Import and Export Business

How the CORONAVirus will impact your import and export business. Ocean carriers could be losing up to $350m on turnover every week, due to the coronavirus crisis. The 2M alliance partners, Maersk and MSC, today confirmed two further void sailings from North Europe to...

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Charcoal Nigeria

Charcoal Nigeria - Federal Ministry of Environment to Ban Charcoal Export from Nigeria After an initial effort that eventually turned out to be a ‘false start’, a fresh move to ban the export of charcoal may be in the offing that would curb deforestation. The move is...

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Charcoal from Somalia

Al-Shabaab continues to reap substantial revenues from charcoal smuggling in southern Somalia despite the presence of African Union military bases in the area, a United Nations report has revealed. Those installations at the ports of Kismayo and Buur Gabo are...

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Charcoal from Somalia United Nations Embargo

Regional partnership underway to help Somalia enforce the ban on illegal charcoal trade Seven years ago in 2012, a United Nations Security Council Resolution placed an embargo on the export of charcoal from Somalia. The embargo sought to address illegal logging,...

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