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Charcoal Company Manufacturing and Exporting the Best Charcoal for BBQ and Industry.

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Matsuri International Co.,Ltd, in Thailand since 2003.

We are a Thai – Japanese charcoal company, strategically situated in the hub of South East Asia and Indo-china, where charcoal still used for everyday cooking by much of the population.

Through our sales portal www.charcoalmarket.com, we supply a wide range of charcoal products to charcoal buyers and distributors all over the world – From softwood charcoal for heating and industry applications to the very best hardwood charcoal for barbecue and grilling.

Why purchase from us and why is our charcoal is better?


Firstly, we take the charcoal business to the next level.

Our charcoal is manufactured under the strict supervision and guidance of our experts in addition to our unique grading system and specifications. Charcoal graded by weight, size, and shape.

Moreover, our company has a deep commitment to partnerships with charcoal buyers and distributors across the region as well as worldwide.

We offer flexible payment options and low minimum and adjustable orders tailored to meet the needs of charcoal buyers both large and small. For more information about our company background, please visit our head company website www.matsuri.co.th.


  • New clients projects come in through referrals 70%
  • N.1 Charcoal Company, N1 Charcoal Exporter from Thailand 80%
  • Charcoal Company with Export Standards 76%
  • Volume Discount, Payment terms 66%
Shisha Charcoal Exporter

Shisha Charcoal Premium Quality

The Best Shisha Charcoal.

  • Natural Sticks
  • Cubes
  • Briquettes Sticks
Best Briquettes Charcoal Export

Briquettes Charcoal Export Grades

100% Natural Briquettes

  • No Smoke
  • No Smell
  • Long Lasting
Hardwood Charcoal Supplier Prices

Hardwood Charcoal Export Prices

Hardwood Charcoal for BBQ

  • Cheaper option
  • Custom Packing
  • Wholesale Packing
mangrove charcoal supplier and exporter

Mangrove Charcoal Export Specifications

100% Natural Charcoal

  • 10 Grades
  • Barbecue
  • Industry

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