100% Natural Briquettes Charcoal, No Smoke, No Sparks

Charcoal briquettes of the best quality for professionals only. Our briquettes of charcoal are made only with natural ingredients and offer the best results for barbecue or shisha, we offer customized packaging and under your brand name.


100% Natural Briquettes Charcoal, No Smoke, No Sparks.
Briquettes Charcoal Manufacturer and Exporter, Barbecue and Shisha Grade.

Charcoal Briquettes for Barbecue

Our briquettes of charcoal are manufactured using mangrove charcoal powder as the main ingredient. Everything inside our briquettes comes from 100% natural ingredients and its superb qualities make it a perfect solution for grilling. It creates less smoke and sparks than other products.
We offer three different grades of Charcoal briquettes:

  • A Grade – Made of Mangrove Charcoal Powder 30% + Coconut Charcoal 70%.
  • B Grade – Made of Mangrove Charcoal Powder 50% + Coconut Charcoal 50%.
  • C Grade – Made of Mangrove Charcoal Powder 70% + Coconut Charcoal 30%.

We can deliver our charcoal briquettes for barbecue all over the world with international standards. Our most important market is Japan, followed by South Korea and the Gulf Region.

Cube Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha

Our cube shaped charcoal briquettes for shisha are made only by coconut charcoal, and they are a great option fo enjoy natural smoking without worrying about smokes or bad smell.

In the last decade, cube charcoal briquettes for Shisha made a name especially in the Western markets. As of today, Europe is our biggest market, followed by the United States, Israel, and the Gulf Cooperation Countries.

  • Our cube charcoal briquettes are made only of 100% natural products.
  • Manufactured using the best quality coconut charcoal.
  • Long-time burning experience, very easy to ignite.
  • Smoke-free, odor-free and with no sparks.
  • Totally free of chemicals.

We have international standards to export and we only manufacture finest cube charcoal briquettes to use with shisha and hookah.

Sticks Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha

Our stick charcoal briquettes for shisha and hookah are manufactured in Thailand and totally free of chemicals or aditives. They proceed only of 100% natural ingredients.

The charcoal briquettes for Shisha in stick briquettes is greatly appreciated by smokers, as they burn hotter and for a longer period of time. It is not the only great quality: you can ignite your Shisha in odorless conditions, and with the absence of smoke. The smoking process is sparks-free.

We have two different types of charcoal stick briquettes for Shisha:

  1. A Grade – 100% coconut husk charcoal.
    2. B Grade – 50% mangrove charcoal + 50% coconut husk charcoal.

Length : 10cm ~ 11cm.
Diameter: 2.5cm ~ 2.6cm.
Weight: 48g.

Our primary markets are the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Countries.

We have three different export packaging for our stick charcoal briquettes: we can deliver them in carton boxes, paper bags, and wholesale bulk bags.

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